PROF TRAD services

Translating and retroversion in 30 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Serbian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese, Slovak, Hebrew, Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish, Finish, Danish, Croatian, Latin, Albanian, Macedonian, Flemish, Russian:

  • from foreign language to Romanian
  • from Romanian to foreign language
  • from a foreign language to another foreign language

Notarial legalization on request

In order to support customers, our company ensures legalization of all documents translated into our company, without charge for this service.

Interpreting: we provide certified professional translators to help you communicate with business partners at conferences, business meetings, auctions, etc. Our professionals can offer simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services. Through simultaneous interpretation (whispering), the interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker, doubling the latter in the communication.

Consecutive interpreting is performed for restricted groups of people, the interpreter being an intermediary in the discussion.

Specialized translations: legal translations: European legislation, legal texts, European norms, declarations, power of attorney, sales contracts, GMS decisions, commercial contracts, acts issued by the Trade Registry, Laws, Ordinances, Circulars, Directives, Technical translations (energy, electrical, construction, petroleum, automotive, etc.): job descriptions, user manuals, minutes, licenses, technical instructions; Manuals, contracts, certificates of conformity (ISO, TÜV, CEE, DNI), reports, warranty certificates IT translations (software, user manuals, websites, etc.) Medical and pharmaceutical translations: presentations of pharmaceuticals and medical products, pharmaceutical and medical industry, drug prospectuses, reports and specialist books, medical certificates, diagnoses, vaccinations, notices, recipes, economic translations (accounting, banking, financial, commercial: balance sheets, company contracts, reports, accounting records, certificates, etc.) Translations of personal documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal records, certificates of heirs, work cards, permits, court sentences; Diplomas and certificates translations: diplomas, certificates, school grades, etc.

Connected services

Checking translations In order to ensure the correctness and uniformity of the translations, they will be subsequently verified by an authorized translator, specialized in the field to which the document belongs. (Eg translations in the medical field – verification will be performed by an authorized translator) Place on the page We commit to strictly adhere to the format and layout of the document after which the translation is performed Collation – proofreading services If you want to verify and correct some already translated documents, we offer you this service at half the rate for translations. If the translation contains a lot of errors, which would involve major changes in the texts, it will be recommended that the client translate a new translation from our certified translators. Apostillation or over legalization The Apostle of The Hague (regardless of the country to which it applies, all these stamps have the following designation: Apostille – Convention of Haye du 5 Octobre 1961) For international recognition, civil status documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, after applying the apostille by the Prefect Institution, are translated into the language of the country of destination by an authorized translator, including apostille, and then legalized by a Notary public, and finally the legalized translation is legalized with the apostille by the competent court. scan Upon request, our company also offers scanning and image insertion services in the text, for which an additional fee is charged for the translation price. Print The print service is included in the translation price for both certified and authorized translations as well as other translations for which the client requests paper handing courier The courier service is free of charge within Bucharest for companies with which we conclude service contracts and for legal entities whose order is at least 10 pages.